What is Aikido

Aikido is a defensive martial art designed to teach the principles of blending with the power of an attacker’s movements in order to control their movements with minimal effort. Aikido’s roots are developed from sword movements and designed originally to provide defence for the Samurai without a weapon.  The founder of the art was Morihei […]


About Aikido Durham

Aikido Durham offers traditional Yoshinkan style classes for students of any skill level. Committed to helping you develop a stronger connection between your mind and body. Aikido practitioners will learn powerful self defence techniques and appreciation for the beauty in the historical traditions of this art.  All within in a non competitive, traditional and fun environment. Sensei Jason Moore […]

Animal Arts

Designed to build defensive skills around the principles of Aikido in a non-competitive learning environment.  The students will learn about how to calm their mind and tune in to the internal energy of their body, through an animal themed curriculum. We are currently accepting applications for this program.  Classes will be held at the Whitby Gym […]